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About Us
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  • What Is MBSX Token?

MyBigShop is built on the Polygon blockchain. To be used on our e-commerce platforms under the My Big Shop Ltd brand. It is the spend - earn reward system that we developed for our customers.

  • What Is MBSX Doing?

You can earn MBSX TOKENs for your purchases made with nominal money from all e-commerce platforms affiliated with MyBigShop Ltd. With these earned tokens, you can shop on our e-commerce platforms. You can collect customer loyalty spend - win bonuses.

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Road Map

What Can I Do With MBSX TOKEN? 

 Earn Token

  • Sign up and get your free token 

  • shop and earn tokens

  • promote us and earn tokens

  • Make comment and earn tokens

  •

Spend Token

  • Shop with your token

  • Get a gift card

  • Transfer your MBSX token

  • Exchange your MBSX token

  •

 Bonus Token

  • Get special discount

  • Get bonus gift card

  • Pay with MBSX earn token

  • Stake with MBSX earn token

  • Read More....

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